• Bring in Love, Light & Joy with Receive Spray Mist Attracts loving and joyful energies, increases light in the rooms. Heals the body and mind with love and compassion. A combination of Receive and Bailando Oils in a bottle. Receive is a key essential oil that empowers all matters of the heart. Its soothing embrace teaches you to forgive old hurts. It shows you self-love and appreciation. It radiates within you, growing a well of goodness within.
  • Create and Project Miracles with Love Be surrounded with love and energies of miracle to align the mind and heart. Promotes peace and harmony within the environment for rest and rejuvenation. A combination of Receive and Miracle oils in a bottle. Miracle cradles you in soothing tranquillity that magnifies your psychic awareness. Manifest your visions and design your purpose with inspired creativity and revelation. Through consistent use, this exalting elixir brings forth miracles beyond into our realm.
  • Attract and Amplify Abundance with Prosperity Spray Mist Attracts Wealth, Victory; amplifies abundance and creative energies. A combination of Prosperity, Champion & Quicken oils in a bottle. Prosperity is an amplifying oil that puts the wealth of the universe into your hands. Unleash a waterfall of resources, sharing and kinship. Confidently ease through financial deals and negotiations. Embrace the bountiful opportunities and wealth rushing your way.
  • Clear and Protect Your Space with Banish Spray Mist Instant Clearance of low vibrations and negative energies! A combination of Banish Quicken oils and Himalayan salt in a bottle. Banish strengthens the root chakra, grounding you emotionally and mentally against low vibrational influences. Its powerful, scared Yang masculine eneriges shields against negativity and pain.

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