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The BioGeometry personal development curriculum is divided into two levels: Foundation Training Level Advanced Training Level, which introduce BioGeometry principles to begin applying in your personal and home life. Students will receive a certificate of attendance with the completion of each level. 

The Advanced Training Level is followed by the BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) Applied Skills Workshop, which serves both as an extension to the personal development curriculum, as well as a pre-requisite to the BG-EHS Licensed Independent Associate-Practitioner and BG-EHS Licensed Independent Practitioner tracks. BG-EHS Licensed Independent Associate-Practitioners and BGEHS Licensed Independent Practitioners are licensed to offer BioGeometry Environmental Home Balancing Services.

Online Foundation Training Class

BioGeometry takes us beyond our quantitative worldview, reviving the qualitative worldview of the Ancients.

  •  Detect, create, and amplify beneficial energies.

  • Detect and harmonize harmful energies, including those from electromagnetic fields, chemicals, geopathic stress, and food and drink.

  • Unlock and understand nature’s own design language at the archetypal level of the universe.

  • Practically apply the Ancient worldview of a qualitative universe in a modern science to solve problems faced in our daily life.

  • Learn the universal laws of energy that can be applied to any field from medicine, to agriculture, to design.

  • Tune into your own personal wavelength to be able to measure the resonant effects of any object or energy system on yourself.

  • Measure and balance the energy pathways of the body’s organs using BioSignatures.

Learn this wonderful knowledge and skillsets in March 2023 intake. We look forward to seeing you in the class!

Course Details

Online Advance Training Class

Completion of the BioGeometry Foundation Training is a pre-requisite for the BioGeometry Advanced Training

  • Build upon Foundation testing skills using more advanced techniques and tools.

  • Use the Human Archetype Ruler to measure and balance the ten BG Qualities present in biological systems and spaces.

  • Use the Human Archetype Ruler to measure and balance on the planes of nature levels (physical, vital, emotional, mental, spiritual).

  • A deeper understanding of the Physics of Quality.

  • Advanced Design principles, including linking to power spots in the sky.

  • Working with a set of tunable tools for local and distant sources.

  • Advanced calibration techniques using the BioGeometry Left Brain and Right Brain Shapes for personal and environmental balance.

  • New unpolarized BG28 Dial System

The next class for Asia will be in 2023!


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