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A home should be an oasis for rest, healing, and growth. However, there is growing evidence that our modern home environments are more harmful to our wellbeing than ever before. We are becoming more and more disconnected from the natural energy dynamics of health and wellbeing in our insulated artificial environments.

As open vibratory energy systems, we are engaged in constant resonant harmonic energy exchange with our environments, where we are overwhelmed with disruptive energy dynamics from various sources of environmental stress.

BioGeometry environmental solutions is strongly linked to the balancing of bioelectrical activity, reduction of physiological stress markers, improved quality-of-life indicators, and improved immune function within biological systems, across various high environmental stress conditions.

What is BG-EHS?

BioGeometry environmental home solutions (BG-EHS) are a core application of BioGeometry.

The “home-centric” BG-EHS approach recognizes that our energetic inter-connectivity with our home environments is an integral part of our quality-of-life and wellbeing.

BioGeometry environmental home solutions geometrically enhance home environments with energy-quality balancing solutions to harmonize environmental stress caused by electromagnetic, geopathic, materials and shape-caused disturbances from design and structure.


The most dangerous invisible factor in environmental danger comes from the age of wireless communication. A computer or a mobile phone’s electromagnetic fields are a thousand times more than the energy of our cells. It is like how information carried in a breeze will be distorted by a storm.

Even if you do not watch TV or use a cellular phone, all the waves are penetrating your body. You cannot find a place on Earth where such carrier waves won’t reach you. Our immune systems can cope with that to a certain extent, then we will reach a level of total collapse of the immune system.

BioGeometry is the design language that can be applied to all products of modern technology to add to their functional design criteria the additional balance of our body energy functions. It does that by bringing the energy quality of sacred power spots into devices of modern technology. It is the practical synergy of science and spirituality that will transform the user by balancing his vitality, emotional and mental levels.

Measurements and Installation 

The BG-EHS service is based on the specific calibration and placement of BioGeometry shapes and tools across all areas of the home, depending on the level of service provided.  The clear Plexiglas BioGeometry shapes and tools are small in size and are designed to fit seamlessly within any living space and home design, and do not require any maintenance.

The on-site energy-quality measurements are conducted using a proprietary system of pendular BioGeometry measurement tools and techniques that are based on scientific micro-vibratory harmonics principles, specific geometric configurations and antenna theories, and are used as structured harmonic biofeedback instruments to guide the installation of the BioGeometry solutions.

Service Package

Beyond the generic BioGeometry Home Kit that offers a basic level of environmental harmonization, we offer various levels of customized BioGeometry environmental home solutions, with increasing levels of BioGeometry environmental energy-quality balancing applications.

The full level of BG-EHS service and is based primarily on a centralized BG3 Centers Solution application to provide environmental energy-quality balance for the entire home.   A layer of supporting specific solutions is also applied across the main environmental areas of electromagnetic radiation, building materials, geopathic stress (Earth radiation), structure/design elements, and water vitality enhancement.

Additionally, centralized solutions can also be added to reinforced with multiple layers of specific solutions, especially with regards to geopathic stress (Earth radiation).

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