BG 2019 Version – 1 Cube Home Kit

The BioGeometry Home Energy-Balancing Kit was developed and tested as an individual home solution to reduce symptoms suffered from environmental stress. . Experience the deep relaxation and better sleeping quality by installing one in your home today.

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Car Strip (Metal)

Specially designed for automobile!

If you drive, this car strip is essential for the balancing of electronics radiation. Keeping both the car and driver centered.

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90 Degree “L” Sticker (5 Pairs)

Highly recommended for those who are concerned about EMF protection, mental and emotional health. The L90 stickers also balances and harmonizes imbalances from doorways, windows, mirrors and reflective surfaces.

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Electrical “L” 66 Sticker Pack (5 Pairs)

Elevating the concerns of harmful radiation from your electrical appliances and electronic gadgets with the L66 stickers today.

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Wifi “L” Sticker (2 Pairs)

Harmful radiation from the Wifi router can now be harmonized effortlessly with this “Wifi L” Sticker.

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Single Electrical Strip (Small)

Balances and harmonizes the harmful radiation from electricity. Add one to your electrical panel today.

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Single Water Strip (Small)

Drink and shower with water that is hamonized with BG3. Experience the change in the water quality with the water attachment today.

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Energy Balancing Charging Tray (Plastic-White)

Enjoy the benefits of charging your supplements, medication, food and drinks etc on the go!

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BG Clearing Tray – Clear Plastic

Experience how you can clear away energetic imprints that affects your crystals and other wearables with this effective solution.

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