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Learn the roots and principles behind the workshops that help you create wealth and understand yourself within.

Ba Zi

Discover your destiny through the classical Chinese Five-Element Theory. Learn how to make the best out of nature, and how we can be the best of ourselves.

  • Bring Prosperity and Success in Your Life
    Understand the natural cyclical changes to make better decisions, overcome obstacles and avoid unnecessary risk during downward cycles.

  • Find Love, Enhance Your Marriage, Strengthen Partnerships.
    When you know the cosmic relations between people you care about, you can communicate and connect better. With Ba Zi, you can understand the influence of people around you, whether for love or for buisiness.

  • Chart Your Career The Right Way
    Ever felt like a round peg in a square hole? Ba Zi helps you chart the right career for your personality – so you’ll be doing the things you naturally love, and doing it well.

  • Your Health Matters
    Indeed, being in the pink of health is perhaps the most important for any kind of success. Ba Zi helps you understand your weaknesses, so you can stay prepared for health issues that may compromise your performance.

Ba Zi is tangible knowledge, which can be learnt, understood and applied in everyday situations. It can show us the best times to act, and predict the possibility of success!

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Feng Shui

Live harmoniously with nature through the teachings of this ancient Chinese philosophical system. Through principled logic and metaphysical science, Feng Shui shows us how to balance our energies with our environment.

  • Set Up Opportunities for Success and Prosperity
    Know how landform and structures influence the energies around you, so you can channel them to your advantage! Let them help you plan better decisions and take the right action.

  • Boost Your Health (and Qi)
    Intimate knowledge of your Qi lets you look deeper into your personal health. You can use this knowledge to enhance your well-being and vitality, boosting your everyday performance!

  • Mental Development & Focus
    Simple adjustments to your position vis-a-vis your environment can significantly boost your focus, mental sharpness and capability. It’s great for your child’s learning, and for your own personal development too!

Apply this ancient, proven knowledge to make better life decisions, seize career opportunities, foster romance and even know your health!

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I-Ching, or the Book of Changes, contains some of the oldest philosophical knowledge in the world. It served as the taxonomy of the universe for over three millennia, and continues to influence and inspire the fields of religion, business, science and art worldwide.

  • Understand the World’s Oldest Pieces of Knowledge
    Discover the rich history and philosophy of I-Ching, honed for ages since before the time of Confucius and Taoism. See how this ancient wisdom can benefit your daily life.

  • The Fundamentals of I-Ching
    Discover the Three Major Philosophies of I-Ching, learn to read trigrams to find answers to burning questions about your life, career and relationships.

  • Analyse Trigrams to Guide Future Decisions
    Understand the meaning of each Trigram to guide your important decisions in life, work or love.

By the end of the course, you will understand the guiding philosophies of I-Ching, how to chart the 64 Hexagrams, and how to apply I-Ching to guide your way towards an ethical and spiritual life.

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Wealth Creation

Through Feng Shui and Ba Zi

This is perhaps the first idiot-proof course ever created for anyone eager to learn wealth timing. The course is taught in three major parts:

  • Ba Zi analysis on the 10 characteristics
    Discover through Ba Zi analysis case studies on successful people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Philip Knight, and more. You will also learn wealth timing per industry, know when to enter markets, and when the industry sees profits.

  • Feng Shui Analysis on Properties
    Especially on those that enjoy wealth opportunities, as well as remedies on how to reduce the leak of wealth energy in their property. This is a good guide for those beginning to property hunt.

  • Date Selection
    Know the days that the almanac influences on when to invest and when to take profit.

Together, understanding these three parts will let you accurately create wealth opportunities.

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Face Reading

An Essential Need for your Everyday Life

Face reading or physiognomy is an ancient practice of finding out a person’s nature. It is an accurate and effective way of unveiling the potential, personality and abilities of an individual. Once the shape, size and significance of the features of our face is learnt and understood, things become simpler.

The face is the mirror of the mind. Every feature reveals the traits and personality of an individual. Learn the features that attract loving and helpful people in your life and the combinations that lead to a wealthy life.

With corrective make-up techniques, one can easily enhance features to connect better with people during interviews, networking or more fulfilling relationships besides the attraction for abundance.

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Metassential Oils and Sound


Organised twice a month during the new and full moon period, our 2 hour interactive meditation session is designed to facilitate busy individuals who seek to balance the body and mind at the Alpha state.

Our unique hand blended therapeutic grade of essential oils blends and sound therapy interact with the sensory needs to increase the serotonin hormones for a positive and joyful state of mind.

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