Spice up the mundane and jazz up the dull with Bailando. Free yourself from the shackles of monotony, and embrace the whims of the universe. Dance through the exhilaration of life and feel abundance gravitate towards your irresistible mirth and cheer!

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Purity in Form —
All Metassential Oils are hand-blended
from the purest natural ingredients and essential oils.

Attract Abundance Through Cheer

Elegant Jasmine, high notes of Vanilla and feisty Ginger flirt with the masculine musk of Patchouli and Cinnamon Bark in this indulgent potion of pleasure and sensuality. Every luscious bottle of Bailando dances under the divine joviality of the Goddess Sekhmet, Hathor and the Cat Goddess Baast.

Through your newfound and irresistible mirth and cheer, you’ll soon feel abundance, love and opportunities gravitate towards you!

Sensual Empowerment

Bailando is a truly powerful blend that warms the Sacral Chakra, drawing people together and igniting intense chemistry between them. It is an incredibly sensual and playful oil that will embolden your Kundalini energies.

Imprinted with 512, 528 and 1212 Hz vibrations. Dance with joy and love while you liberate yourself from the shackles of this mundane world. Connecting with love frequency as the Heart and Sacral Chakra opens up to receive sensual pleasure, universal love and abundance.

When applied below the navel, Bailando thrusts lovers into throes of intense passion and tantric love*!

*Bailando is not suitable for users below 18 years of age.

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Grapefruit • Geranium • Bergamot • Ylang Ylang • Sandalwood • Clary Sage • Rosewood • Cardamom • Cinnamon Bark • Patchouli • Amberette Seed • Myrrh • Ginger • Vanilla • Jasmine • Fractionated Coconut Oil


When massaged on the hips, lower back and below the navel, it warms up the sacral chakras and sex drive.

Massage liberally on the lower back, hips or lower abdomen to clear blockage, flatulence and to balance your hormones.

Apply to pulse points as a perfume for a joyful, mirthful day.

Can be used together with Quicken for an intense tantric experience and transformation.


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