Champion empowers you with heroic stamina and courage, driving forward plans to completion and success. Conquer challenges with keen focus, and take decisive action with confidence!

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Purity in Form —
All Metassential Oils are hand-blended
from the purest natural ingredients and essential oils.

Triumph Over All Obstacles

An alchemy of Receive and Prosperity oil blends, empowered with the grounding strength of Myrrh, Balsam Fir and Sandalwood, delivers a dynamic potion of focus and triumph.

Imbued with the might and wisdom of Lord Vishnu, Champion empowers you with heroic stamina and courage, driving forward plans to completion and success.  With Champion, you can cut through mental blocks during exams and competitions, and seize opportune moments to glory!

Attract Success & Status

This empowering oil strengthens your power and status, emboldening wisdom to lead with sensitivity. It is an inspiring force that attracts accomplishments and recognition, showering you with rewards and blessings through consistent use.

Imprinted with 125, 728, 768, 912, 2004 and 16035 Hz vibrations. The journey towards being a Champion is supported with wisdom as you connects to your creative thoughts and visions.  The Solar Plexus gathers strength for determination and will power while the Throat Chakra expresses with clarity and confidence.

Apply over the solar plexus to draw strength and courage, and over the sacral chakras to ignite drive and determination towards victory!

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Orange • Rose • Geranium • Ylang Ylang • Clary Sage • Jasmine Rose • Bergamot • Mandarin • Lemon • Jasmine • Palmarosa • Rosewood • Roman • Chamomile • Balsam Fir • Frankincense • Basil • Cardamom • Myrrh • Cinnamon Bark • Patchouli • Clove • Spruce • Ginger • Peppermint • Rosemary • Australian Blue • Sage • Lavender • Galbanum • Sandalwood • Fractionated Coconut Oil


Massage liberally on the solar plexus to reduce gastric issues, or to boost empowerment, determination and decisiveness.

Apply below the navel or lower back to aids circulation, regulate sexual hormones and boost drive for success and victory.

Use it on pulse points before exams or competitions.

Add drops on project files, tender documents or exam files for success.


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