Stellar™ channels within you the powerful astral energies ever present since the beginning of the universe. It shifts your mind into a primordial state of heightened awareness, empowering you to practice excellence in action.
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Purity in Form —
All Metassential Oils are hand-blended
from the purest natural ingredients and essential oils.

Centred Within You

Ever sparked an idea so clear and obvious, but no one else could get? That’s because it was a gift from the universe meant to manifest within you, and you alone. Stellar helps you turn such ideas into purpose by activating your primordial state. It is a state of mind pure of outside influences and distractions. From here, ideas are brought into focus, and this clarity of thought will lay the path towards their realisation.

Putting Excellence into Action

Every great accomplishment is the result of a series of actions great and small. By drawing upon the purest energies from the primordial universe, Stellar guides you in taking each of those actions with purpose and skill that is nothing short of excellent. Through this journey of initiating your visions, you will begin achieving much more than you could’ve imagined.

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Idhaho Blue Spruce • Vertiver •  Sandalwood • Clary Sage •  Myrrh • Palo Santo • Cacao • Sacred Frankincense • Fractionated Coconut Oil


When applied on the crown and third eye chakras, it connects one to the universal consciousness and higher dimensions.

Massage 2 or 3 drops on the crown, middle of the forehead or brain stem (back of the head above the neck) for total relaxation and connectivity to the 10th chakra and higher dimensions.

Breathe in from your palms deeply after application, and allow Stellar to engage you in an amazing experience with the galaxy’s primordial forces.


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