Shifting Energies into Higher Vibrations

Did it occur to you that energies in the environment and the human body can be measured by frequencies?

If that make sense to you then conducting Feng Shui analysis of your living or work space becomes more meaningful and purposeful. Similarly for those who lament that your personal luck hasn’t been great lately, you can now shifting yourself out of a negative luck cycle. Energy follow thought. Your intentions creates your reality!

Electromagnetic Vibrational Frequencies

It is a fact in science that everything in the universe comprise of vibrations. Every object, person or non-perceivable space is made up of atoms that vibrate at specific frequencies. This energy is referred to as electromagnetic vibrational frequency. A healthy human body vibrates at a frequency of 90-62 MHz and abnormal processes can begin to develop when it falls below that range. For example, our bodies vibrate at 58 MHz when we have a cold and may begin to fall to 42 MHz when we are more severely ill. That means if you are able to shift and allow the frequencies of your body and mind to vibrate at 100 MHz and above, you are already achieving both mental and physical wellness.

Increase Your Vibrations Through Essential Oil Blends

Mother nature has the answer. One can simply apply or inhale therapeutic grade of essential oils to create an instant shift of vibrational energies. When applied and used correctly, these essential oils can help to re-tune and bring our frequencies to levels where we experience optimal health, emotional well-being, enhanced creativity and self-actualization! Each essential oil vibrates at different frequencies and provides different benefits depending on an individual’s needs. Essential oils like rose vibrate at an astounding frequency of 320 MHz and is often used to boost emotional strength.

Sound Therapy – Higher States of Consciousness

Sound creates vibrational energy, and such energy can be harnessed to harmonize frequencies within our body to balance our  body (physical) and emotional (mind) at a cellular level. Sound waves are vibrations and varying frequencies can be used to take individuals to higher states of consciousness or provide physical benefits. Many studies have revealed the effectiveness of sound in the treatment of humans, animals and even plants!

Charge Your Senses With Essential Oils & Sound Therapy

This therapeutic effect of essential oil is compounded when it is combined with sound therapy. One can expect the benefits of both oil and sound therapy to be greatly magnified when it’s carefully designed towards a realistic objective.Widely used as a complementary procedure, It belongs to the field of naturopathic medicine and preventive medicine.

Shift Your Energy Today!

Today, you can experience the combination of divine hand blended essential oil blends – The Super Seven Divinities Oil Blends with Sound Therapy via the harmonics of the singing bowls to raise the vibrations and frequencies of individuals and the environment. When a person is able to vibrate at a higher frequencies, not only the physical and mental health can be restored, other intangible benefits ranging from attracting more loving people to abundance of wealth creation opportunities can be manifested with ease and joy!

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