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The Metassential Oils

Shift into a higher wellness with The Metassential Oils. Every bottle is uniquely divined to align the physical, emotional and spiritual energies within ourselves and the universe. 

These oils can remedy pain, channel wisdom or empower the spirit. When used together, they can create wonders. From Banish to Bailando, these oils are beyond essential.

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Ba Zi

Chart your destiny in life with classical Chinese Five-Element theory.

Chart Your Ba Zi

Feng Shui

Live harmoniously with nature. Channel the energies of the world around you.

Harmonise Your Feng Shui


Delve into the world’s oldest and most profound wisdoms in the Book of Changes.

Begin Your I-Ching Journey

Corporate Consulting

There’s more to business than bottom lines. Don’t ignore the baseline of every business – your people’s spirit.



Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living by Helen Ong

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