Major Solar Storms & Powerful Energy Shifts

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“The frequencies emanating from the solar storm are believed to cleanse and purify our system so that we can be free from toxic emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical blockages. Therefore, many of us will become aware of issues from our past that are resurfacing in order to gain our attention—ultimately so that our open emotional wounds can be healed.
It is vital that we do not repress these memories further, as failure to tend to our energetic injuries will cause them to replay in various ways, mostly by keeping us caught in painful and turbulent relationships. These solar storms are coinciding with March’s new moon, so deep inner work will be essential over these next few days.
Overall, we are receiving an opportunity for major personal transformation—to remove blockages and old patterns, to realise and manifest our purpose, and to expand our conscious awareness. If we are willing to actively attune and integrate this cosmic energy, instead of fearfully resisting it—and if we are able to remain positive and open so that we adapt at a fast pace to the constant changes taking place—we can take advantage of this opportunity.
During intensive energy shifts, it is highly recommended to regularly cleanse our energy field at the beginning and end of each day by meditating or spending time alone.”
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Self Healing can be easy. Here are a few tips on how you can benefit from The Metassential Oils during this Solar Storms:
1. Release old patterns and blockages with the Banish oil. Place a few drops and mix it well with some Himalayan salt and give yourself a good scrub or soak in a hot bath to ease those trapped and repressed energies. Applying the oil on the entire abdomen especially on the liver area will help ease bloatedness and release old hurts.
2. Apply Miracle oil on the pineal gland or the back of the neck ( brain stem ) to ease anxiety and tensions during this period while you manifest and set new goals. 
3. For those who wish to have a greater transformational shift without resistance, have someone to help you apply the Quicken oil on the entire spine. Let changes take place with ease and joy while you shift into a higher vibration. 
4. Feel the beat and dance along with the dynamics of this Solar Storm with the Bailando oil while you chill with your favorite music and drink. Apply this oil below the navel, hips and lower back to allow a full circulation on the sacral chakra for a joyful experience. 
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Enjoy the transformation everyone!
Love and Blessing,
Helen Ong

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