• Stellar channels within you the powerful astral energies ever present since the beginning of the universe. It shifts your mind into a primordial state of heightened awareness, empowering you to practice excellence in action. And through such excellence, you will find the will, skill and mindset to achieve your goals, no matter how impossible they may first appear.
  • Spice up the mundane and jazz up the dull with Bailando. Free yourself from the shackles of monotony, and embrace the whims of the universe. Dance through the exhilaration of life and feel abundance gravitate towards your irresistible mirth and cheer.
  • With the speed and power of a tornado, Quicken transmutes negative energies into courageous positivity. Quicken shines as a booster for all other sacred oil blends from Senses. It also paves the way for tantric energies and heightened intimacy.
  • Miracle cradles you in soothing tranquillity that magnifies your psychic awareness. Manifest your visions and design your purpose with inspired creativity and revelation. Through consistent use, this exalting elixir brings forth miracles beyond into our realm.
  • Champion empowers you with heroic stamina and courage, driving forward plans to completion and success. Conquer challenges with keen focus, and take decisive action with confidence. Cut through mental blocks during exams and competitions, and seize opportune moments for success.
  • Prosperity is an amplifying oil that puts the wealth of the universe into your hands. Unleash a waterfall of resources, sharing and kinship. Confidently ease through financial deals and negotiations. Embrace the bountiful opportunities and wealth rushing your way.
  • Receive is a key essential oil that empowers all matters of the heart. Its soothing embrace teaches you to forgive old hurts. It shows you self-love and appreciation. It radiates within you, growing a well of goodness within.
  • Banish strengthens the root chakra, grounding you emotionally and mentally against low vibrational influences. Its powerful, scared Yang masculine eneriges shields against negativity and pain.

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