Cell Phone Harmonization Sticker (2021)


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One of the best cellphone harmonization sticker without compromising the performance of your mobile phone. Experience the change in temperature on your mobile phone with this sticker today.

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The BioGeometry Cell Phone Energy Balancing Sticker harmonizes the energy interaction between the mobile phone’s electro-magnetic fields and the body’s own energy system. Furthermore, the reduction of the thermal effect from mobile phones on the head area is significantly reduced, as seen using thermal imaging. BioGeometry CLEAR plastic Clearing Tray included.


Instructions for use:

1. Remove the plastic covering from the adhesive on the back of the BioGeometry shape and stick to a clean, dry surface anywhere on the mobile phone.

2. The mobile phone should be placed on the BioGeometry Clearing Plate for at least one-minute daily, to ensure that the stickers remain functional.



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