The Foundational Three


Begin your shift into a higher wellness with the Foundational Three Metassential Oils. Begin always with Banish and Receive, the perfect pairing of Yin and Yang that balances your energies. It sets the base for uplifting layers of the other Metassential Oils. We complete this triple set with Prosperity, an immensely powerful oil that attracts abundance and wealth, made stronger through the balancing act of Banish and Receive.

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We hand-blend our Metassential Oils in precise, small batches in Singapore, and carefully select every single ingredient. We use only the highest therapeutic-grade oils for our blends. Every bottle is blended under the blessing of auspicious full moons – where divine and cosmic powers are at their height – and lulled with healing melodies, mantras and focused intention for healing and wellness.

Important Usage Directions

Do not ingest the oils. The oils are for external use only. Skin irritations are rare, but if side effects appear, immediately reduce the use of the Metassential Oils, or take a break completely. Oftentimes it happens because your body is detoxifying, so reducing use will help your body ease into it.

Avoid using Metassential Oils if you are pregnant. They are also not for infants or toddlers. Both Quicken and Bailando oils are extremely invigorating and may rouse sexual desires and drive. They are thus not suitable for anyone aged 18 years and below.


Keep your Metassential Oils away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Store them in cool, dry places to help maintain their freshness, potency and grandeur.


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