Receive Metassential Mist


Bring in Love, Light & Joy with Receive Spray Mist

Attracts loving and joyful energies, increases light in the rooms.
Heals the body and mind with love and compassion.

A combination of Receive and Bailando Oils in a bottle.

Receive is a key essential oil that empowers all matters of the heart. Its soothing embrace teaches you to forgive old hurts. It shows you self-love and appreciation. It radiates within you, growing a well of goodness within.

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We hand-blend our Metassential Oils and Spray Mists in precise, small batches in Singapore, and carefully select every single ingredient. We use only the highest therapeutic-grade oils for our blends. Every bottle is blended under the blessing of auspicious full moons – where divine and cosmic powers are at their height – and lulled with healing melodies, mantras and focused intention for healing and wellness.


Usage Directions

Spray on all walls
Spray on the beds
Spray on 4 corners of the room
Spray on ornaments
Spray in bathroom / toilet / storeroom
Spray on areas that has little or no sunlight
Mist on yourself for a quick charge of love, light and joy



Keep your Metassential Spray Mists away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Store them in cool, dry places to help maintain their freshness, potency and grandeur.


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